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Misc. TV Characters

Made for CH #6.13 - All the Same, Yet Totally Different @ landofart

JOB: Choose a costume and make art using three different characters from different movies or TV shows that represent that costume.

09 Tumblr


Coroner / Doctors / Firefighter


Jordan Cavanaugh_Crossing Jordan
Maura Isles_Rizzoli and Isles
Ducky Mallards_NCIS





Doug Ross_E.R.
Mark Sheppard_Greys Anatomy
Greg House_Dr House





Kelly Severide_Chicago Fire
Jimmy Doherty_Third Watch
Tommy Gavin_Rescue Me




Resources / Credits


- Please credit [personal profile] larmay if you use my graphics
- If using for forums, homepages, blogs, etc. please credit in your signature or under the graphic
- Comments about my graphics are ♥
- NO hotlinking
- Don´t claim or edit my graphics as your own
- Feel free to join or watch for updates

And thats all. Enjoy and have fun! :)



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